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Roofs leak for several reasons:

Updated: Jan 5

Common Causes

Weather – Especially during severe rain, wind, and hailstorms, major damage can occur and can lead to leakage.Improperly Installed Flashing – If flashing around plumbing vents, chimneys, and other roof protrusions is not properly installed, you can expect a leak to form and eventual damage to the roof structure.Missing or Damaged Shingles – Shingles keep water from seeping into the decking. When some are missing or damaged, you need professional roof repair services to replace or repair these asap.

Services of a Professional Contractor

If you suspect that roof repair is needed, start by hiring a professional contractor from FP Roofing & Construction. One of our experts will perform a comprehensive examination of the roof as well as inside the structure and attic.

On the roof, the contractor will look specifically for missing/damaged shingles and other potential risks. The contractor will also go inside, searching for stains and water spots on the ceiling and dripping water in the attic. Based on the findings, the appropriate recommendation will be made. This might consist of fixing damaged areas or a complete roof replacement often covered by insurance.

A huge benefit of hiring a contractor from FP Roofing & Construction is our 24-hour emergency service. When you are facing a roofing emergency, a licensed contractor will come to your home or business, assess the situation, and then place a temporary tarp over the problem area until the weather subsides so a permanent fix can be done.

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