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Water Spots on Your Ceiling or Interior Walls? Here Are 3 Tips For Minimizing Water Damage.

It’s not uncommon to find discoloration or water spots on your ceiling or interior walls after a heavy rain. It’s also not uncommon for the more reputable roofers in your area to become quite busy quite quickly after a storm rolls through town. Here are 3 tips for minimizing water damage in your home until your roofer can get out to assess the situation.

Use the “Pencil Trick”

If you have water leaking from your ceiling or see a water spot forming, try using a sharp pencil, screwdriver, drywall saw, small drill or some other small, sharp utensil or tool to poke a small hole in the center of the stain. A simple hole like this can help drain any pooling water and may prevent the leak from spreading across the ceiling and into your walls or causing your ceiling to cave in. This is a great way to remedy a ceiling leak until your roofer or handyman can make their way out to investigate the leak.

Catch the Water

This may seem like common sense, but we’ve seen it enough to mention it here. If you have water leaking from the ceiling or draining from a hole you’ve made, make sure to catch it with something to keep the rest of your home dry. Place a bucket or watertight container on the floor underneath the leak and use towels to soak any remaining moisture. If the leak is bad enough, you may need to keep an eye on the bucket or container you’re catching the water with to make sure it doesn’t overflow. We know this is kind of a pain, but it could end up saving you thousands of dollars in repair work in the long run.

Keep Things Dry With A Fan

Something as simple and inexpensive as a small floor fan can be a great way of keeping things dry until the leak is patched. The interior components of your home can get wet without causing significant damage. It’s when these components stay wet that the damage and the cost associated with repairs can grow significantly.



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