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Leakage... it is the worse for your home!

One of the worse experiences as a homeowner, is noticing water coming from the ceiling inside your house. Water damage and ruined property are detrimental to your finances and to the look of your home. Your attic has a very important job, it helps in reducing the change for ice dams on your roof. When outside temperatures are in the low 20 degrees Fahrenheit for several days with several inches of snow and...

1) Temperature in your attic is above freezing

2) There is snow on the roof will likely melt

3) Snowmelt runs down your roof and touches colder sections, it refreezes

4) Freezing snow-melts form a dam of ice and behind it is large puddles of water

5) The ponding water seeps under the roof covering and will leak into the attic

You have trouble in your roof! When your roof is deteriorating or it has missing sections, it is unlikely that you will be spared from water leakage. These situations allow water to enter your home through the roof, side walls, and even floors. It is recommended that you properly clean your gutters, enabling a solid flow of water, snow, ice, and rain aware from your home.

Additionally, make sure no exhaust fans in your home are dumping warm moist air directly into the attic space. Minimize or eliminate the need for holes in the drywall or plaster ceiling. A properly sealed ceiling without penetrations, can make an airtight environment which follows the manufacturers clearance requirements for flues. keep the attic cool and free of moisture build-up. It is also recommended that you read utility bill- unusual high use and costs can be a sign of a leak. Regularly check your water meters for inconsistencies of usage too.



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